Gabe Brown,  Water Fire , oil on linen over panel, 24 x 18”

Gabe Brown, Water Fire, oil on linen over panel, 24 x 18”


Michelle Benoit

Gabe Brown

Phyllis Ewen

Dennis Hylnsky

Anne Sargent Walker

May 4 - June 22


Saturday, May 11, 4-6


Room 83 Spring is pleased to present Verve, with Michelle Benoit, Gabe Brown, Phyllis Ewen, Dennis Hlynsky, and Anne Sargent Walker. Engaging the natural world as a perceptural well, the artists affirm life in drawing, sculpture, painting, and video.

Michelle Benoit’s work layers transparent and opaque materials. Color combinations are symbolic. Memory is encoded in hue. Structure is often revealed as image through the redirection of light and its absence. “Verve” presents Benoit’s mixed media on mylar drawings, Diurnal Verse, Mill Cove series and Deciduous Light Circumference.

Gabe Brown searches for meaning in the unknown. Exploring a world beyond her own tangible reality, Brown sees herself as part of a larger, richer universe. Her paintings create a secret recipe for an inner landscape of the human condition; narrative vignettes that are both alluring and mysterious. Nature, and those elements existing in its microcosm become metaphors for a strange and at times super reality, a parallel universe that questions the natural scheme of life itself.

Phyllis Ewen’s merges the genres of sculpture and drawing, combining whimsical sculptural objects with three-dimensional drawing in wire.  Ewen has been concerned with the nature of inquiry – both artistic and scientific -- into natural phenomena. The three-dimensional drawings refer both to scientific notation, diagramming, and the hand of the artist in attempting to capture ephemeral phenomena.

Video artist Dennis Hlynsky’s work is focused on articulating flight and crawl paths has gained an international internet audience. His recent non-narrative works are created specifically to be played in loop form in galleries, museums and other locations people perambulate. Presented in this exhibition, Hlynsky’s video “The Murder” was recorded in Lawrence MA during the annual crow migration.

Anne Sargent Walker’s semi abstract paintings in oil and acrylic often combine fragments of vintage wall paper, painted birds, jumping men, and other images which explore our relationship to the natural world.  Most recently Anne has been compelled to express her concerns over environmental issues. She attributes her interests in nature to childhood summers in Vermont with a naturalist father, and her continuing engagement with the rural Vermont landscape.,