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Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe            June 15, 2016

One-two punches: Katherine Porter & Ellen Wieske

Porter doesn’t so much paint an image as brashly build it out of paint, her surfaces are so tactile, her abstract forms so structural. There’s always the hint of a grid, which plays directly to Wieske’s spare, labor-intensive works snipped from the grids of steel hardware cloth. Porter’s all flesh and color; Wieske’s bone and shadow

Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe December 8, 2015

Animal Animist

“a puckish group show”

Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe          June 24, 2015

Boston Globe Arts: Making a Splash Roger Kizik: Gone Fishing

“Jam-packed with everything from small watercolors painted on the fly to large constructions, all burbling with shimmering tones, "Gone Fishing" has the giddy pull of a day in the sun. Although every glint of color looks cavalierly dabbed on, Kizik has exquisite control.”

Joanne Mattera, Art Blog                  May 27, 2015

Critical Mass., Part 1: Room 83 Spring

“Artist-created and -run galleries are not huge commercial enterprises. When one springs up in your area, take the time to go. Encourage others to go. Support it. It took me a while to get to Room 83 Spring. I promise I'll be back.”

Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe           May 13, 2015

Week Ahead: Splendor Redux

“Still-life paintings have celebrated the ordinary. They have exalted the gorgeous. They have lamented mortality. Nina Bentley, Kelley Harwood, and Kathleen Volp embrace the faceted history of still lifes, and explore their meaning today”

Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe         March 19, 2015

Idea Of North

“There's true north, an unwavering compass point, and then there's north of here. Artists Marja Lianko, Nancy Winship Milliken, Lowrey Pei, and Vaughn Sills explore landscapes, sense of place, and ideals associated with harsh climes.”

Nancy Shohet West, Globe WestMarch 11, 2015

Northern Lights

Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe        March 12, 2014

Un-Mapping The Air

“Their first show, "Un-Mapping the Air" is spare, uncluttered, and deeply moving. It's about foiling expectations. Large is made small. Something tactile and present somehow conveys absence.”

Nancy Shohet West, Globe West      May 22, 2014

Eclectic Mix