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Anne Lambert, Getting Out of Town, assemblage

Anne Lambert, Getting Out of Town, assemblage


Anne Lambert, Dawn Southworth, Jessica Straus

Nov 10 - Dec 22

Reception:                      Saturday, Nov 12, 4-6                   


Room 83 Spring is pleased to present wonder-room, with artists Anne Lambert, Dawn Southworth, and Jessica Straus.

Lambert, Southworth, and Straus share a penchant for personal archeology and sacred salvage. These three artists revel in process and the synthesis of found and fabricated materials in discovery-driven juxtapositions and associations. Their works of sculpture, assemblage, and collage combine technical craft and insightful wit to deliver wholly original authenticities.

Inspired by historical cabinets of curiosities, wonder-room evokes a collective, microcosmic and editorialized world-view. As in traditional wunderkammern, the element of time is exposed and compressed. Time is not linear or fixed, but simultaneous and temporal. And the communion of disparate objects inspires a visual drama at once fragmented and full stimulating a renewed sense of wonder, awe, and amazement.

Nothing more typifies the quest of curiosity or the experience of awe than adventure and a newborn. Anne Lambert's suitcase with jaunty legs, entitled Getting Out of Town, and Baby, a rollicking toddler assembled from utilitarian gadgets, exemplify this spirit of insatiable inquiry. Widely known for her assemblages of old discarded objects, Lambert responds to embedded histories of use to speak about time and life. Her work and its marriage of parts with mileage, expresses her belief that nothing has outlived its usefulness, and everything has potential.

Dawn Southworth is recognized for her mixed media works and installations. A zealous collector, Southworth has the extraordinary ability to coalesce a vast array of materials and processes. Laden with symbols and metaphor, her use of found objects, drawing, sewing and pyrography is emotionally charged and conceptually stimulating. In Facade and Tall Tales, vintage ephemera, ironing board covers, antique cottons, thread, stain, and pencil conspire in associative indexes of persons, places and things, resonant with conviction.

Inventiveness, humor, and narrative are key elements of Jessica Straus's sculpture. In her series Special Collections, opalescent bottles dug from the banks of the Merrimac River and other metro Boston waterways, are filled with her obsessively whittled wooden forms and suspended on pegged contraptions suggestive of a workshop. Little Red Dress, a series of small carved female figures, stoically poised in various precarious positions on found objects, leave the viewer at once alarmed and chucking in self-recognition. As in all of Straus's work, the line between levity and gravity is crossed and re-crossed, and held in delicate balance.